Nata Fari — internationally renowned star bellydancer, teacher and choreographer from Russia. Winner of top prestigious international professional bellydance competitions and festivals in 2010-2014 in Russia (Cairo Mirage, Raqia Hassan Cup and others), Israel (Eilat Festival), Marocco (Reves d'Orient) and Egypt (Ahlan Wa Sahlan). Today Nata Fari is star teacher at number one oriental dance festivals in Russia and Egypt - Cairo Mirage and Ahlan Wa Sahlan - and also International Cairo Mirage Bellydance Union official representetive in St-Petersburg.

Having sports gymnastics and indian dance ensemble background Nata Fari since 2003 studied oriental dance and egyptian folklore from russian teachers and egyptian masters such as Raqia Hassan, Katia Eshta, Mahmoud Reda, Dr. Mo Geddawi, Khaled Mahmoud and many others. Since 2012 she improves her skills with egyptian star choreographers at international Ahlan Wa Sahlan Teachers Course in Cairo every year.

Nata Fari workshops attract oriental dance lovers in Russia, Belarussia, Israel, South Korea, China and Egypt. Her students become winners at most prestigious bellydance competitions in Russia and another countries and also new bellydance stars.

In 2014 Nata Fari started her own Arabesk Bellydance Studio in St-Petersburg. Today Arabesk Bellydance Studio has 2 branches in St-Petersburg where students study egyptian oriental dance and folklore styles and improve their skills from beginners to professional level at regular classes and special projects (Arabesk Folklore, Arabesk Bellydance Course Intensive). Arabesk Bellydance Studio graduates start their own bellydance projects not only in St-Petersburg but also in different russian cities and a world. Oriental dance lovers from Ukraine, Belarussia, Japan and China often come to Arabesk Bellydance Studio projects to upgrade their professional level.

In 2015 Nata Fari with her colleagues organizes St-Petersburg Bellydance Association to encourage their students in diving into this ancient and charming art – egyptian oriental dance.